Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Font Fanatic

My fonts folder has 490 files in it at the moment.? I've got everything from "Andy" and "fruitopia" to ""Varsity" and "Zoomorphica."? Several Disney characters, a number of brands, and even a movie or two have found their merry ways into my fonts folder.? To quote Over the Hedge, "enough just isn't enough."?

One of my peeves, though, is only seeing a small sample of the font when you're browsing.??Ooh, baby, not anymore!?Download free fonts and free dingbats?at Urban Fonts, and you get to see the entire font before you download it!? Oh yeah, and did you catch that they're free?

You're not looking at the same three fonts with slight variations, either.? There are lots of original, creative fonts.? The dingbats are nothing to sneeze at, either.? There's an entire font of foliage - really cool looking - and an amazingly detailed set of African artwork.? Check out the retro bats while you're there, too.? Trend followers will find it useful for the return of vintage chic.

All in all, Urban Fonts is a forerunner of the font industry, in my opinion.? Not because of quantity, but quality and user-friendliness.? Check out the Identifont and What the Font features, too.? I could have saved myself hours and eyestrain with that over the years!

So go, ogle, download; have some fun!

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