Monday, October 9, 2006

Energizer Zombie Wit

Bethy started throwing up mucous on Monday afternoon.?? Tuesday morning I took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with "allergies."? Wednesday evening I discovered what I thought was the real reason for the sieve-nose, fever,?and colic:? she's cutting her top two front teeth.? Thursday night I started feeling a scratchy, sore throat and having a headache.

Hmm...contagious allergies.? That's a new one.? As of this writing, four of the five people in our family are coughing and/or sound hoarse.? I've spent the last six days holding the baby and wishing I could sleep because I feel like...well, let's face it:? crap.? She refuses to be put down.? This child could be sould asleep - comatose - until you try to lie her in her crib.? Then she starts screaming at T-3 inches from your chest.

So here I am, forced to trudge on as Mom and take care of the sick baby, the sick hubby, the coughing elder daughter, and the Rambunctious Rebel while I feel so wiped out I'm thinking I'm must be running on some preternatural energy source reserved for moms.

On the up-side, I've noticed that my wit is as sharp as my body is dull.? I guess all the energy my body isn't using while I lie around is fueling my brain.

Long live the snarky zombie-wit!

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