Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Floors To Be Fond Of

I've always wanted wood floors in my home.? I currently have wood floors in part of it.? What a pain!? And how many trees did it take to floor my kitchen?? How long did it take those trees to grow?? How long will it take to replace them?

See, I'm a bit of a tree-hugger at heart, and while I love the beauty of wood, I cringe at the thought of killing half-century-old trees just so I can worry about denting, scratching, harming the very material that is naturally bored into everyday.

?So I discovered a way to have the beauty?of a light wood without killing Grandpa Tree:?bamboo flooring.? The gorgeous plank you see to the left is not pine, oak, or maple, but bamboo.? Because of its rapid growth cycle (as much as 47 inches in 24 hours), it's becoming a popular choice for those of us that don't want to seriously impede conservation efforts.

Bamboo is also easy to install and care for, and has a wide variety of hues available - just like other wood floors.? Pricing ranges from 2-8 per square foot, so it'll also fit in just about any budget.? You can also choose to install prefinished tongue-and-groove planks, unfinished planks, or have it installed professionally.

Hopefully you'll be able to do it sooner, but rest assured, when I do get my house, I'll be serenely bebopping on bamboo.

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