Monday, October 2, 2006

Alice in Webland

My current list of paying?"identities"?includes website designer, graphics designer, and virtual assistant.? I'd love to find something that doesn't involve quite so much "me" time, though.? Michael's made an art of researching internet marketing, but it's more from his perspective of a man finding a way to come home from a JOB (just over broke).? I've yet to really figure out this whole thing.

Well, I found my own white rabbit of internet marketing, Alice Seba's Internet Marketing Blog.? How cool to find a blog from a fellow mom that understands why I want to take advantage of internet marketing and that I don't have time to be taken in by all the scams out there.? Alice guides moms through the tangled webs and warns you of pitfalls before you take a nose-dive with your wallet.? She even shares her own best finds, like the guide that got her started.

Now excuse me while I go learn more from the newest addition to my favorites list...

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