Monday, October 9, 2006

Walk Watchers Report 1

I've been walking now for about a month to lose weight.? I walk between a mile and a mile and a quarter.? To make me accountable and to encourage myself, I'll be posting my weight every Monday.? Today's magic number is...


Well, it's better than 158, so I guess I should be happy.? My goal is to get down to 115.? Only another 38 pounds to go!? At a pound a week, I should hit my goal around...the beginning of July.? Ugh...Maybe I'll aim for 2 pounds a week.? That'd put me at the middle of February.? Oooh - I'd be skinny for my birthday!

Go me; go me; it's my birthday; it's my birthday!

Okay, official goal:? to be at 115 on my birthday, 13 April 2007.

Wish me luck...



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